Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question : What are we going to achieve by exploring Mahabharatha scientifically ?

Answer : History is priceless. When we could spend billions of dollars to know distance stars and galaxies then why not to know about our own history ?

Question : Who said it is history ? Mahabharatha is full of Imaginations. How can we call it as history ? It is like what if future generations calling "Harry Potter" as history.

Answer : Mahabharatha is history written in poetical style. There may be exaggerations, no doubt about that. Moreover the passage of time which is nearly "Five thousand one hundred years" makes it more vulnerable to information loss. But the scientific and historic content is incredible. It is a challenge thrown upon the human race to discover its lost history, with better application of scientific means.

Question : Why not Vyasa who wrote Mahabharata a man gifted with incredible imaginations ?

Answer : Astronomical evidences are almost in par with the references quoted in Mahabharatha. Planet positions are very clearly described during a number of events and that corresponds with modern astronomical analysis. Archeological researches though not in full potential have started to show positive results. Moreover thousand and thousands of inter-related stories which I believe is practically impossible to imagine. Geographical descriptions are incredible and cities established by many kings were noted in detail.

Question :  Why not a large group of people put together developed a story with religious motives ?

Answer : If Mahabharatha had been written based on religious motives it would have not brought so many controversies. Krishna could have been portrayed as a more moral, honest and a man of impeccable purist. But Krishna remain as a highly pragmatic personality, motivates his friend to anihilate his own kith and kin, suggests many odd means to reach the goal. Unlike Ramayana there is nobody fully right or fully wrong here, as like in everyone's life events are mixed with good and bad qualities. So in short Mahabharatha portrays certain events as it is, and exaggerates certain events to do poetic justice.

Question :  How could a small area of Kurukshetra hold such a massive army ?

Answer :  he region which is ruled by the King “Kuntala” is called Kuntaladcsa’, Mahishmanta’s kingdom is known as “Mahishmantipura”, King Vidarbha’s region is called “Vidarbha Desa”, King Chedi’s kingdom is called “Chedi Desa’, King Hasti’s kingdom is known as “Hastinapura” King Gandhara’s region is called “Gandhara Desa” and the kingdom which is ruled by king “Kuru” is called “Kurukshetra”. From this it can be seen that Kurukshctra is a vast kingdom of king Kuru. The present “Kurukshetra” is one of the cities in the vast kingdom of “Kurukshelra”(just like Madras city in Madras State).

If we say that battle took place in “Kurukshetra” means that the war as spread over the entire kingdom of “Kurukshetra” but not the present town “Kurukshetra’ which is small in area.

Usually in war all the troops will not be mobilized at one and the same time and at the same place. They will have reserve and send such sections of the war to the battle front according to the requirements. According to the war strategy needs of warfare they march their troops to all the war fronts in the battlefield. step by step. from the reserve forces, which arc distributed in their kingdom (in three places i.e., in headquarters. on the way to the battle fields, and in the battle field). [ courtesy : Kota Venkatachalam ]

Question : How could 1.6 billion people die around 3000 BC ? Was the world human population so higher to sustain it ?

Answer :  Mahabharata is not a normal human war, It is much more bigger because of the scientifically advanced Alien participation.  The Aliens who were themselves in millions participated in this war.  Out of the 1.6 billion people got killed in this war a vast majority of them were Aliens, who had come from different parts of the universe.

Question : What happened to skeletons and weapons ?  Why we have not found any ?

Answer :  The system followed was not burying the dead bodies but cremating them (by fire).  The Mahabharata gives a detailed description about the cremation process. The weapons of the Aliens were designed with a time frame and self destructive.  This is evident in the  Mausala parva where Arjuna's weapons cease to exist after the war and the demise of the centric nucleus like force Krishna.

"O Janamejaya, in the very sight of Partha, retreated, taking away with them many foremost ladies of the Vrishnis and Andhakas. The puissant Dhananjaya regarded it all as the work of destiny. Filled with sorrow he breathed heavy sighs at the thought of the non-appearance of his (celestial) weapons, the loss of the might of his arms, the refusal of his bow to obey him, and the exhaustion of his shafts".

Question : How could we believe for instance a weapon striking an unborn infant. How could we believe many other fairy tale like Imaginations ?

Answer :  Yes, It demands lot of research on many areas. The easiest way is to set them aside as vague Imaginations.  Why not there be a biological address for every living being that could be tracked using some advanced bio-technology enabled means. We cannot simply ignore just because it is far ahead of our so called "modern science".  The information contained in the great Vedas and Shastras (which are far older) in the fields of Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Surgery, Aeronautics were all phenomenal and were well developed during the time of Mahabharata. As we mature more scientifically I believe we could understand more concepts of the ancient science.

Question : Why Mahabharata ? Not Ramayana, Vedas or Upanishads. 

Answer : Mahabharata is very recent and provides archeological and astronomical evidences than any other sacred text. It replicates the mindset of the present generation too. By exploring Mahabharata scientifically we could track down many other historical evidences.

Question : What qualities are required to understand Mahabharatha ?

Answer : First a person should be free from preconceived notions. Lets not treat it too holy or too irrational. If we could approach it in a balanced way, I believe we could bring more evidences on this subject

Question : How do you say that there is scientific and historic content ?

Answer : Please go through this blog  for more answers. Or you can do it by yourself and spread the awareness.

Question  : Are criticisms and comments welcome ?

Answer  :  Any positive and rational thought is most welcome. It will enable me in exploring this subject even deeper.

Place your questions on (Mahabharata) the comments section below.  Let's try to find some scientific explanations for it.