Science of Dharma and Avatar

Thousands and thousands of verses of  Mahabharatha is encircled towards one word and that is "Dharma". Dharma is not just confined to good deeds.  Dharma can be equated to universal oneness or universal peace, which leads infinite creatures to move towards oneness or unity. In short it is the universal code of conduct.

Creatures sprung up in different planets in different galaxies as a part of the Universal system. They evolve by nature and humans in specific have the potential to inculcate knowledge by moving towards higher consciousness by means of meditative techniques. These techniques of communicating with the universal knowledge and conducting an internal re-engineering were initially provided by the Aliens who are far more advanced in science than us. Apart from the war description and the history of various kings, Mahabharata provides us the collection of knowledge provided by the Aliens to our perceivable potential. Before getting into the details of the Aliens let us focus on the Universe.

The Universe may consist of zillions and zillions of galaxies that are infinite.  Our planet "Earth" is not even a spark in this vast unlimited space and matter. In this little dot called earth our mankind is relentlessly searching for some clues to understand the Universe. The so called "Modern science" of our generation keeps bringing different theories to conceive what is universe and what will be its physical properties. There are new and new theories floating about the universe. The Lambda-CDM concordance model describes the evolution of the universe from a very uniform, hot, dense primordial state to its present state over a span of about 13.75 billion years of cosmological time. Though the universe might in theory have a longer history, the International Astronomical Union presently use "age of the universe" to mean the duration of the Lambda-CDM expansion, or equivalently the elapsed time since the Big Bang in the current observable universe. But 13.75 billion years is nothing when compared to infinitely existing real Universe.

Considering the vastness of the Universe both in time and distance, the existence of Aliens far more advanced in science than us is a definite possibility. We as humans think that we are far advanced in science and ignore the fact that in the Universal evolution process we are almost in the infant stages of intelligence. It is a high probability that we humans of this planet may be incredibly less intelligent compared to other extra-terrestrials of the universe. We may be therefore very limited in knowledge to perceive the science of our absolute existence.  It may be prejudiced for us to believe that our existence is not known to the Aliens elsewhere. A meticulous study of the ancients texts like Mahabharata  reveals that far more advanced Aliens exist.  They not only knew but may also knew how much we can progress in science in a given point of time (say light years).  They may treat us in the same way we treat species of lesser senses.  Our knowledge towards the Extra-terrestrials is nothing, whereas they may knew us in full. 

We are not only unaware of the Aliens but also about the fundamentals of the Universe. New theories sprung up about the Universe based on different calculations and algorithms. Although the big bang theory is popular, it's also widely misunderstood. A common misconception about the Big bang theory is that it describes the origin of the universe is itself  wrong. The big bang is an attempt to explain how the universe developed from a very tiny, dense state into what it is today.  Even considering the Big bang really happened, we could ask what existed before the big bang? It's still an open question. Perhaps nothing. Perhaps another universe or a different version of our own. Perhaps a sea of universes, each with a different set of laws dictating its physical reality. 

The knowledge that we humans have collectively gathered in this planet is very very limited to perceive all the above possibilities.  The laws of science begin to break down the further back you look. Eventually, you can't make any scientific theories about what is happening, because science itself doesn't apply. So we as humans should understand our strength and limitations of our rational thinking.  So when we say that we explore certain concepts we have to cross the boundaries of science itself.  The "laws of science" suffers from limitations and cannot help us beyond certain level.  So it is inevitable for us to develop lot of hypothesis  and work intuitively.  
The Ancient texts of the Indian sub-continent especially the Mahabharata is full of descriptions of various concepts and events, which are very difficult for us to conceive with our limited knowledge.  Krishna who is described as the supreme lord can be looked as an omniscient personality or a Universal system that preaches or demands a code of conduct called "Dharma".  Dharma is the essence of the Universal existence which is primarily necessary for the smooth functioning of everything that exists.  Every  entity of this Universe is inter-related and therefore should be a part of Dharma.  Individual entities are not pre programmed but are entitled to perform actions which should be in accordance to the Universal System.  When a part or parts of the system  gets deviated to a larger extent,  the designer of the system or the system itself takes required remedies.  

In Mahabharata, the designer of the system (or system itself) called as Krishna, provides information called as "Bhagavad Gita" which is the manual of the Universal system in a human perspective.

Here Krishna provides special perceivable capability to Arjuna (Gnana dhrushti) to visualize his eternal and endless cosmic form called as Vishwaroopa.  He says in Chapter 11 verse 8 that you (Arjuna) cannot view me with your ordinary vision, I will give you visionary abilities to perceive me beyond humanly possible dimensions.

In Chapter 11, verse 16, Arjuna say he is not able to see the boundaries of this cosmic form, nor the middle nor the starting.  

In chapter 11, verse 29 of the Bhagavad Gita Arjuna stunned by the "Vishwaroopa" of Krishna states the following.  "yatha pradiptam jvalanam padhanga visanti naasaya samrddha-vegah tathaiva naasaya visanti lokas tavapi vaktrani samrddha-vegah"

My humble interpretation of the above verse are as follows.

As moths with great speed enter into a blazing fire to perish: similarly all these stars and planets (lokas) at great speed are entering into your mouths to perish. 

This should be Arjuna's visualization of the stars and planets (lokas) coming very nearer to the black holes (mouths) and therefore becoming more faster to perish into it.  Also note here vaktrani is plural not singular (ie. mouths and not mouth).  It clearly matches innumerable number of super massive black holes consuming stars and planets that comes near to it like moths.

This is more confirmed by the next verse, "lelihyase grasamanah samantal, lokan samagran vadanair jvaladbihi tejobhir apurya jagat samagram, bhasas tavograh pratapanti vishno

Here Arjuna states "Vishnu or He who pervades the entire creation consuming all the worlds (lokan samagran) Furthermore the blazing effulgence radiating from the visvarupa is so bright that it is scorching the universe with its brilliance.

As a conclusive part of the Bhagavad Gita Krishna states  "yada yada hi dharmasya  glanir bhavati bharata  abhyutthanam  adharmasya tadatmanam srjamy aham" which we could scientifically mean whenever and wherever there is a decline in "following the universal system" and a predominant rise against the "universal system", the system itself immediately takes automatic ways and means to correct it.  The system takes action based on the magnitude of the deviation. So more an biological entity or a group of entities scientifically advance, more formidable way they may create deviations. 

One of the means through which the system corrects the deviations are by taking Avatars.  By taking an Avatar the Omniscient system transfers required energy into an instrument (say a biological entity) based on the magnitude of the deviation and corrects the deviation.

It is interesting to note that some researchers even correlate the Avatars of Vishnu in accordance with the evolution theory. British geneticist and evolutionary biologist, JBS Haldane, observed that the ten principal avatars of Lord Vishnu are a true sequential depiction of the great unfolding of evolution. The avatars of Vishnu show an extra ordinary similarity to the biological theory of evolution of life on earth.

Avatars Explanation Evolution
Matsya. First avatar is a fish, one which is creature living in water. If we compare it with biological evolution on different Geological Time Scale first developed life was also in the form of fish which originated during Cambrian period.
Kurma Second avatar was in the form of Tortoise (reptiles). In geology also first reptiles comes as second important evolution which originated in Mississippian period just after Amphibians.
Varaha Third avatar was in the form of Boar. Evolution of the amphibian to the land animal.
Narasimha The Man-Lion (Nara= man, simha=lion) was the fourth avatar. But in geology no such evidences are mentioned. It may have been related with Ape Man The term may sometimes refer to extinct early human ancestors, such as the undiscovered missing link between apes and humans.
Vamana Fifth Avatar is the dwarf man. It may be related with the first man originated during Pliocene. It may be related with Neanderthals. Neanderthals were generally only 12 to 14 cm (4½–5½ in) shorter than modern humans, contrary to a common view of them as "very short" or "just over 5 feet".
Parashurama, The man with an axe was the sixth avatar. It has the similarities with the first modern man originated during the Quaternary period or the man of Iron Age.
Rama Seventh avatar was a civilized man  This is a civilized man, who lives in a city unlike Parashurama who was a forest dweller
The Eight avatar was in the form of a Farmer.
He is Balarama is portrayed with the plough – the beginning of full-fledged cultivation.  Human civilization has developed agriculture and is no longer depended on meat and forest for food. The beginning of agrarian economy.
Krishna Ninth Avatar is the dwarf man. He represents the advancing human civilization. He is associated with cows, the beginning of domestication of animals and development of economy, which continues to the present day.
Kalki The Tenth and final avatar is Kalki the destroyer of time. The tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu is Kalki and is yet to arrive. He is believed to ride on a swift horse Devadatha and destroy the world. A clear indication that human beings will bring an end to life on earth. The numerous natural calamities created by human beings and the numerous nuclear weapons stored illustrates this.
After complete annihilation, Vishnu alone floats on a pipal life - perhaps the last remaining life form. Thousands of years after the complete annihilation, life will begin again in water.
In this topic of  discussion "Mahabharata" is one such scenario when and where there was a greater necessity for the Omniscient system to take up an Avatar called as "Krishna" to interfere and correct formidable deviations caused by the scientifically advanced Aliens.